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Shape Up

Virtual Interview Course

for Core/ACCS Anaesthetics Applicants

Tuesday, 10th January 2023 

18:00 - 21:00 BST

Online (Zoom)

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Optimise your application using up-to-date information from experienced interview panellists.

Our Course

Master your interview and MSRA with real time teaching, practice and feedback from recently successful applicants.

Your Interview

Start your training with confidence and competence.

Your Job

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Our Story

"My motivation to design this course stemmed from my own Core Anaesthetics Training Interview experience. The interview felt more rigorous and less generic than others I had attended in the past, and I was aware that successful interview preparatory events already existed for other specialty training programmes. I felt future candidates would greatly benefit from being offered high-quality preparation at a human level. My takeaway objective is for all who attend to improve in some way. I look forward to meeting you at the course."


Core Anaesthetics Training Interview Course Lead

Clinical PhD Fellow and Anaesthetics Registrar,

The Royal London Hospital

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Why Choose Our Course?

Real-time mock interviews incorporating up-to-date questions and the latest format for your application round 

Talks from people who sit on the interview panel including the Head of the London School of Anaesthesia

Personal verbal


written feedback

on the night

Talks from RCoA members & MPS about the benefits membership can provide to your career

Tips & spot questions on preparation

for the MSRA and interview structure 

Opportunity to ask questions

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Dr Aasifa Tredray, Head of the London School for Anaesthesia

Dr Aasifa Tredray is a Consultant Anaesthetist at St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust with a special interest in airway and regional anaesthesia. She has been Head of the London School for Anaesthesia and ICM since the start of 2021, overseeing training in anaesthesia across London. She has been an Advanced Module Lead, Educational Supervisor, College Tutor and most recently the Lead and Higher Training Programme Director for South West London and the South London Anaesthetic Programme Specialist Training Committee Chair.


Dr Tredray's vision is to continue delivering the high standard of training and education for all anaesthetics and ICM trainees. She wants all trainees to feel valued, supported, celebrated in excellence, and treated equally and fairly in an open and transparent manner.


"I look forward to continuing the work of my predecessors and taking the School of Anaesthetics and ICM into the future."

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Our Partners


London School of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

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What our delagates are saying

“An amazing course. I feel so much more prepared and calm about applying. Every examiner gave great constructive feedback. Thank you!”

“Really excellent course. Great preparation for what to expect at the interviews, from recent successful candidates. So useful to practice realistic stations with feedback.”

“Amazing. Really useful. Great feedback that was personal. Good size group.”

“Well-organized. Well-constructed. Good format to the evening. Great value for money. Very helpful interviewers.”

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