More than 90% of our delegates successfully went on to secure one of their top choice training posts


"Excellent course. Very useful to gain experience from recent top-scoring interview candidates"

"It was REALLY helpful. Lots of useful tips and it was great having mock interviews that realistically represented the actual interview process. The feedback from examiners was extremely valuable!"

“Really good immediate feedback, which was constructive and personal.  Very much listened to my concerns and addressed them. Good personalized tips for the interview.”

“Amazing. Really useful. Great feedback that was personal. Good size group.”

“Well-organized. Well-constructed. Good format to the evening. Great value for money. Very helpful interviewers.”


“An amazing course. I feel so much more prepared and calm about applying. Every examiner gave great constructive feedback. Thank you!”

“Excellent course. Very useful information in Q+A session regarding portfolio. Realistic mock interviews.”

“Really useful and brilliant to practice interviews in real time with up to date marking schemes. Good lectures. Brilliant feedback – thank you!”

“Really excellent course. Great preparation for what to expect at the interviews, from recent successful candidates. So useful to practice realistic stations with feedback.”

“Excellent course. I have received very useful feedback from the interviewers.”

91% rated usefulness of course 5 stars

96% rated course organisation 5 stars

92% rated value for money 5 stars

96% rated representation of interview process 5 stars

96% rated appropriateness of scenario stations 5 stars

95% rated value of experienced interviewers 5 stars